Fashion, Photography

A photo story by Jordan Drysdale, Henry King & BlossomBby

Hair – Lyndal Salmon
Beauty – Rob Povey
Fashion – Lydia Vingos
Talent – Jake, Halla, Inez & Gordon @ Chadwick,
Dechen @ Kult

Shot at Fabrik Studios, Melbourne

“A story on the magic beneath ; and within us. The interconnectedness of fungi on this planet - and with us as humans - transcends the blossoming life we see above the ground. Nature is intelligent ; the underground networks of mycelium, the continuous rejuvenation cycle of death + rebirth and how it has expanded our consciousness through evolution. Mushrooms are remarkable beings and we invite you into our Kingdom.”

Creative Direction by Jordan Drysdale, Henry King & BlossomBby

Set & Florals by Henry King & BlossomBby

Jake wears Our Legacy Jeans from PRGRSS Store & Nadia Ridiandries Necklace from Error 404 Store

Dechen wears Yongbin Zhang, Gordon wears Lee Matthews Blazer and Pant, Bally Loafers & Mondo Mondo Necklace

Inez wears Wackie Ju Dress & Michelle Li jewellery

Dechen wears Yongbin Zhang & Inez wears Michelle Li

Dechen wears Yongbin Zhang